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terms and conditions


1. In General
The one-man business Studioluminaire with the owner Thomas Fässler (in the following named as Studioluminaire) ist the producer and distributer of design products due to the following conditions.

2. Guarantee
The guarantee follows the legal determinations, whereby in case of defected products Studioluminaire first repairs them and/or delivers them at a later stage. In case the repaired product is still insufficiently maintained or is the additionally delivered product still flawed you are allowed to refund the whole price of the damaged product.

3. Deliverance, deliverance Times and Payement
The ordered products are ready for collection after 30 to 50 days of the receipted order at the companys headquarter Schaffhauserstrasse 316, Studioluminaire, Thomas Fässler. We are likely to handle the transportation of the products as well as its montage if needed.
Bigger orders of individual delivery times have to be discussed between the customer and Studioluminaire in advance. There exists no such thing as minimum order quantity. The arrangement of longer delivery times is possible.
Studioluminaire is authorised for a partly deliverance in case the size/volume of the product is unreasonable to deliver in a sigle transport. Additional costs of transport only rise after an explicit agreement.

4. Download of 3D Models
Downloaded 3D Models of Studioluminaire are allowded to be used for personal purpose. It’s also allowded to print the 3D Models for personal use. For addjustments Studioluminaire assumes no liability. Also the Models are generaly to be meant as printouts in an Selective Laser Sintering, tested with polyamid. For other manufacturing and materials no guarantee can be granted. It’s up to the printing adjustments whether the models are able to printed. Prohibited are commercial utilisations, copying and the usage of casting moulds. Additionaly no data of 3D Models can be copied or commercialised. The rights of the disign are restricted to Studioluminaire. For publications of the data or physically printed manufacturing a permission from Studioluminaire must be guaranteed.

5. Reservation of Proprietary Rights
The product is proprietary of Studioluminaire until the whole payment from the customers side is done.

6. Invoicing
The customer receives a detailed invoicing completed with the whole ordered products as well as the transportation and montage.

7. Invoicing Objections
Complaints regarding the invoice have to be communicated within 14 days after the issuing of the invoice to the account staff via direct mobile phone +41 76 250 00 77 or via E-mail at If not the invoice is accepted by the customer as registered.

8. Duty of Payment
The customer is in charge of paying all outstanding invoices and is obligated to pay all other expenditures. The invoice has to be payed upon receipt, yet within the mentioned dateline at the latest. The whole invoice amount is to be payed by the dateline. In case the customer is in delay with the payment he/she will receive a chargeable reminder. The invoice has to be balanced with the enclosed pay-in slip.

9. Jurisdiction and Legislation
As a matter of fact there might be hardly any juristical disagreements due to business fairness. Yet in case of discrepancy the place of jurisdiction is located in Zürich, surrounding no. 1. The duties are authorised by the Swiss civil rights.